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We start the installation process by preparing your yard for your new curbing. We do this by removing all existing landscaping that may be in the path of your new curbing. After the removal of the old landscaping is done, we bring in a sod cutter to remove sod leaving a trench to lay your curbing in. This trench is approximately 2" deep and 12" wide. These dimensions allow for ground level to be right at the front of your curbing. Since the curb is slanted, you will have about 3" on the backside of the curb to hold back your rock or mulch.














The whole process of installing your curbing is done out of our self-contained truck and trailer. This trailer has been highly modified to make our application clean and hassle free for the homeowner. We take pride in having the highest quality equipment in the industry to deliver you the best product possible. We not only leave a lasting impression in the work we do in your yard, but we leave a lasting impression with our presence in a neighborhood.










Our installation process continues with the laying of the concrete border. We put the wet cement into our curb machine and it extrudes it out in one continuous piece. We then trowel the curb and add any textures and patterns to the curbing to make it look like stone or brick.